Yoga Retreat
Sankalpa towards Samadhi Courses

The Yoga Retreat, has been opened in an ancient hermitage to create a space where the 21st century person, who is a product of his environment, can learn from the spiritual masters and sages of India.
Self Healing

These courses are designed specifically for those committed to spiritual pursuits and are divided into four 10-day courses. The last two advanced ones might be conducted in the interior remote Himalayas. The purpose of this module is to promote peace and goodwill and enliven planetary consciousness. The aim is to find those rare individuals who can change the direction of destruction that humanity is headed towards.

What is Sankalpa Yoga? It is ‘reso-will’ or the power that is born of resolve, will and determination to manifest thought vibrations to Reality. It is an esoteric Yogic science which was once commonly known in the era of the Mahabharata, 5,000 years ago when there was mass-scale destruction caused by the enormous misuse of this power. It has since remained in oblivion, guarded by the Himalayan masters, till recently, when it has been revived to empower mankind to enhance peace and goodwill.

Sankalpa Yoga is a sacred science of the Himalayas, which has been practiced from time immemorial by great saints and sages of India: Kashyapa, Atri, Vyasa, Dattatreya, Rama, Krishna etc. The magic of sankalpa leads you to liberation. It allows you to return to that state of consciousness that comes through samadhi, and brings with it the power and determination to change the thought vibrations of humanity.

To experience Liberation, you have to be free from bondage, which is the outcome of your thoughts. Sankalpa yoga leads to realisation, which brings liberation - freedom from all bondage. Life is to enjoy and to celebrate. This enjoyment and celebration is possible through the practice of Sankalpa Yoga, which can take you to living beyond consciousness. It allows you to live in this world with knowledge of the world and knowledge born of wisdom.

Sankalpa Yoga is the science of creation. Like everything in nature, Gyana (knowledge) has come through Sankalpa. Sankalpa Yoga does not belong to anyone in particular, nor is it registered by any organisation. It belongs to all those who want to practice it. There is no one to command you. There is no bondage. There are no milestones. You have to find a new path. You are not part of history. You are part of the present. Sankalpa Yoga is the dream that you achieve through will and determination. It brings liberation. You have to seek your own consciousness. Your consciousness can be Supreme consciousness. You can merge into the whole without losing yourself. You will not be destroyed.