Yoga Retreat
Siddhi Courses

The Yoga Retreat, has been opened in an ancient hermitage to create a space where the 21st century person, who is a product of his environment, can learn from the spiritual masters and sages of India.
Self Healing

Siddhi Courses are designed to promote well being, success, positive relationships, and control of mind and body to enable the practitioner to lead a productive worldly life. The Siddhi courses available will encompass all the siddhis (spiritual powers) covering physical, emotional, mental and psychic accomplishments, and will impart proficiency in mantra, tantra, etc., and will involve diksha for each siddhi. To attain mastery of a particular Siddhi may involve several courses and the duration is not fixed, as the more advanced courses are individualized according to temperament and ability.

These Siddhis are real powers that highly advanced Yogis acquire automatically in the process of their spiritual pursuits. They are not meant for purposes of exhibitionism. A saint who has all these powers is an emancipated soul or a Jivan Mukta, who can give up his body at will to merge into Infinite Consciousness.