Yoga Retreat
Advanced Courses
The academy runs 10 day advanced courses in each of the following modules: Siddhi, Kundalini Awakening, Sankalpa Yoga (towards Samadhi) and Self-Healing.

Self Healing

Siddhi Courses are designed to promote well being, success, positive relationships, and control of mind and body to enable the practitioner to lead a productive worldly life. The Siddhi courses available will encompass all the Ashthasiddhis (eight siddhis) covering the physical, emotional, mental and psychic accomplishments, and will impart proficiency in mantra, tantra, etc., and will involve diksha for each Siddhi.

Kundalini Awakening Courses are divided into six 10-day courses.
These provide awareness and knowledge of the science of Kundalini Yoga. Awakening the kundalini and guidance through the six stages of spiritual unfoldment associated with each chakra.

Sankalpa (Towards Samadhi) Courses: These courses are designed specifically for those committed to spiritual pursuits and are divided into four 10-day modules. The last two advanced ones will be conducted in the interior remote Himalayas. Participation in these courses will be limited depending on the ‘readiness’ of the individual.

Self-Healing: These courses are individually tailored to suit the needs of the participant. They are based on ancient knowledge of the Himalayan Rishis. Each module is 10-days long and is repeated as required.

These courses are taught in a series of 10-days modules with practice breaks in between. The subsequent course should be taken when a participant has mastered the practice of the last one.

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