When I reached closer, I found that it was Avatar Baba sitting with his eyes closed and that the light I had seen was radiating from his frame. The light had formed a circle on the rock. I sat in the corner of the cave, and touched the earth reverently, a mute gesture to pay my respects to the Baba. Then, I too became lost in the serenity of the solitary surroundings.

Avtar Baba
Gorakh Nath

I sat on a rock and started enjoying the beauty of nature. After a long time I saw two Mahatmas coming, One was Avatar Baba, and the other one seemed to be a Nath Yogi' he was a handsome dusky, tall man, with golden locks, kundals (earrings) in his ears, and a khappar in his hand. When he came closer, I immediately recognized him; he was no other but Baba Gorakhnath. I instantly got up, ran to them and paid my respects. They affectionately caressed my head, and acknowledged my greeting. I sat with the two great men on the rock and started pondering over the Himalayas and how fortunate it was to have the great men as its inhabitants.

Excerpt 2 in which Pilot baba describes a meeting with Avatar Baba and Baba Gorakhnath and the spiritual message that they gave him.


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