Programs to Generate Awareness

Europe & USA Tour: Feb/Mar 2003

To begin the campaign to enliven spiritual consciousness, we have founded the Mahayog Academy. To increase awareness of the program and its mission, Mahayogi Pilot Baba, Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara, began a 40-day world tour to Europe and USA on 20th February 2003. Yogmata Keiko Aikawa from Japan also lent support to this programme by participating in this goodwill mission.

Virat Samadhi with Sankalpa to Enliven Consciousness

On 2nd April '03, to enliven the forces of nature to bless this auspicious program, the Mahalaxmi Mahayagna was held, during which Mahayogi Pilot Baba took samadhi in an air-tight glass container for 96 hours (11th to 15th April), in public view, with the sankalpa of promoting world peace and universal consciousness. For details and information on the events that took place there please e mail:

[email protected]

Introductory Seminars to Promote Awareness

In May and June ‘03, there were two-hour introductory lectures conducted in various metros and major towns.

Regular Residential Courses

In July 03, the Mahayog Academy started regular introductory and advanced courses to teach Kundalini Awakening, Healing & Self-rejuvenation and Sankalpa (towards Samadhi). Please contact the Coordinator for the current schedule of courses, details and bookings. Given below is a brief about the courses available.

Introductory 5-day courses: 10th May and 15th July 2004

The courses are intended for beginners to meditation and yogic practices and also for meditators who want a conducive environment to meditate. The courses are geared towards personal and spiritual development. They provide knowledge of yogic techniques and practices and give an opportunity for interaction with spiritually minded people. For details regarding course structure, fees etc., please contact the Coordinator.

Anyone who has completed this course will be entitled to come for Meditation Retreats at the Yoga Academy and will be eligible to register for the modular courses on Kundalini Awakening and Sankalpa Yoga (towards Samadhi).

Please register early to avoid disappointment, because the course size is limited to 30 participants only. Schedules for courses in June and August on request.

Advanced courses: 16th May and 20th July 2004

10 day advanced courses in each of the following modules: Kundalini Awakening, and Sankalpa Yoga (towards Samadhi).

  • Kundalini Awakening Courses are divided into six 10-day courses.
    These provide awareness and knowledge of the science of Kundalini Yoga. Awakening the kundalini and guidance through the six stages of spiritual unfoldment associated with each chakra.

  • Sankalpa Towards Samadhi Courses: These courses are designed specifically for those committed to spiritual pursuits and are divided into four 10-day courses. Some of the advanced modules will be conducted in the interior remote Himalayas.

** Please note that completing a course does not implicitly suggest eligibility for the advanced course, which will depend on the satisfactory completion of particular practices in the interim period as well as the state of readiness to receive further teachings.

*** After completion of all the courses in a particular module ,a certificate will be given, certifying attainment of a certain level of meditative consciousness.

About Mahayog Academy

Mahayog Academy is the teaching wing of Mahayog Foundation and the Yogmata Foundation, both non-profit organisations whose Presidents are Mahayogi Kapil Adwait, (Pilot Baba) and Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, respectively.

Mahayogi Pilot Baba is Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara and a Himalayan Master from a lineage which traces its ancestry to Kripacharya of the Mahabharat. Mahayogi Pilot Baba's guru is Hari Baba, whose guru is the legendary master, Avatar Baba.

Mahayogi Pilot Baba has in the past taken jal samadhi, bhugarbha samadhi and samadhi in air-tight containers with the sankalpa of world peace and to enliven consciousness. Several of his disciples have also taken bhugarbha or sthal samadhi, at his instance, to promote peace and goodwill.

In an endeavour to enliven consciousness, he has now undertaken to spread the unique and well-guarded secrets of sankalpa, to share the knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayan masters and teach the techniques to promote awareness that lead towards samadhi or universal consciousness. He has returned from the remote and inaccessible Himalayas, home of enlightened sages from time immemorial, and made himself available to the world for a period of time.



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