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About Us

The Mahayog Academy has been founded to impart Yoga teachings directly from the Himalayan masters. Its aim is to promote world peace and enliven spiritual consciousness.

Sankalpa Shakti is the power that is born of resolve, will and determination to manifest thought vibrations to Reality. It is a sacred esoteric Yogic science which was commonly known 5,000 years ago. Because of the havoc caused by the enormous misuse of this power, it remained in hibernation, guarded by the Himalayan masters, till recently, when it has been revived to empower mankind to enhance peace and goodwill.

The Himalayan masters are now reaching out to share with you the power of transformation - to rediscover your spirituality to lead you to awareness and to self-recognition. We want to teach authentic yoga of all kinds and levels including the magic of Sankalpa. We want to give you the key that leads you to yourself and the power to enliven universal consciousness. That key lies in the secret teachings of Sankalpa Shakti, by which the battle of the Mahabharata was once fought and won.

Mahayog Academy is the teaching wing of Mahayog Foundation whose President is Mahayogi Kapil Adwait (Pilot Baba).

Mahayogi Pilot Baba is Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara and a Himalayan Master from a lineage which traces its ancestry to Kripacharya of the Mahabharata.

He has taken jal (underwater) samadhi, bhumigat (underground) samadhi and samadhi in air-tight containers with the sankalpa of world peace and to enliven consciousness. Several of his disciples have also taken bhugarbha or sthal samadhi, at his instance, to promote peace and goodwill.

Join us in our Sankalpa
to promote peace and goodwill and enliven planetary consciousness